Angel - Pending Adoption

Angel, 3 years old, 70 pounds, spayed female Great Pyrenees

We adore Angel! She is a petite Great Pyrenees who looks a bit like a white labrador retriever who is wearing eyeliner! She is the mother of a litter of Great Pyrenees puppies who were just adopted from Shultz’s.  Prior to rescue, Angel was a field dog who lived alone and outdoors in the elements guarding sheep from predators. Our Tennessee colleagues say that they have ruined Angel as a field dog: now, she loves people, attention, treats and relaxation. She has learned to walk on a leash and enjoys being brushed and fussed over. Angel is a mellow, quiet, gentle dog who wants to lay in the shade and watch what is going on around her. She is a bit shy and reactive to loud noises and commotion. She is not used to being indoors and is still getting accustomed to being in a house. To increase her comfort, we have appointed her as our office assistant!  Angel would do best in a calm home with a large fenced yard so she can roam a bit.  She is trainable and eager to please and will be an excellent companion.

If you are interested in meeting Angel or another dog at Shultz’s, please click “How to Adopt” above for more information about the “Meet and Greet” and adoption process. We will need an application on file before an appointment is able to be set.  Our “Meet and Greets” are by appointment, at a time that will work for you and us. Thank you!