Annie – 1 yo, spayed female, Staffordshire Terrier Mix

Annie in a 1 yo, spayed female, Staffordshire Terrier Mix. She is the mama to our recently adopted babies, Oscar and Olivia. She was initially brought into a high volume TN shelter by her owner in November, just after she had her (6) puppies. The shelter was scary and loud — highly populated, a lot of barking, cement floors and walls — and her kennel area was only about 4’x6’ — not exactly where a new mom wants to care for her young.

Lucky for Annie, Merry and Ron, our ‘Angels’ from BarkPlace4Dogs, came along, and scooped up the two pups who had not yet been adopted, and mom Annie, and brought them back to BarkPlace. Oscar and Olivia came up here to SGH a few weeks ago, and mom Annie stayed back to recuperate from puppy-birth, get spayed, and socialize with the other dogs and humans.

Annie quickly became BFF”s with Cleo, who is also now here at our guest house – back in TN, they would run and play all. day. long. When she wasn’t playing with Cleo, Annie was soliciting attention from humans – through her relentless charm, sweet disposition and urge to love! She will make a great family dog.