Coco and Chalko - Pending Adoption

10 week old, 13 pound, Australian Shepherd and Chesapeake Bay Retrievers

These beautiful boys are good natured, spunky, energetic retrievers who revel in a good game of fetch. Their coloring is a stunning mocha brown with white markings and their eyes are emerald green. These are eager to please, highly trainable pups who will make excellent companions for an active family. 

With puppies, we are looking for people who are not out of the house for more than 3 hours at a time and not gone for more than 5 hours a day. We find that families with older children are ideal as they best understand the needs of a puppy.

If you are interested in meeting these puppies or another dog at Shultz’s, please click “How to Adopt” above for more information about the “Meet and Greet” and adoption process. We will need an application on file before an appointment is able to be set.  Our “Meet and Greets” are by appointment, at a time that will work for you and us. Thank you!