Cleo (Courtesy Post) - Pending Adoption

“Cleo” is in need of a new home. This gorgeous, 47 lb, 3-year old, spayed gal, lives with her dad. Dad has recently been faced with a choice – to decline or go – to China for employment purposes – and with much regret, dad cannot take Cleo with him. This is a solemn time for both, but dad says that his primary concern is to find a wonderful and loving home for this gal. We offered to help by posting her and helping him to secure her new family.

Cleo is believed to be a greyhound/plothound mix who was adopted from SGH about 1.5 years ago. She has been the only pet, and has not been around many children, so it is unsure what her relationship with such will be – although she does spend 5 days per week with a dog walker and several other dogs.

Cleo was a little timid at the time she was adopted, and has come a long way, now warming up quickly to strangers. She loves to run and play – although a lot of loud barking does still seem to annoy her a tad (doesn’t it to all of us .

Cleo, despite being home with just her dad, seems to prefer women to men on a whole – which may simply be indicative of the limit of women routinely in her daily life.

Cleo is all up to date on her vaccines, heart worm/flea/tick preventative, and routine veterinary care.

Today, when she came to visit us here at SGH, she was just a pleasure to meet. She listens well on command, as is illustrated in the attached video, sits proudly and confidently — and gives her heart in trade for treats!

If anyone is interested in meeting Cleo, please contact us directly for the contact information for her owner.