COURTESY POST: Matty, male mixed breed, 1.5 years old

Meet Matty.  This handsome and super sweet boy is filled with boundless energy, thus he needs a home where he has access to burn it off on a regular basis.  While he is quite obedient and responsive to commands, his size, strength and inability to control his own self exertion makes him a little difficult to manage around small children.  A home with an active couple or single person would be the best option for a home with him.  He is fully crate trained, willingly retires to his crate at bedtime and when left alone in the house. Matty is textbook ‘dog chases cat’;  however, with the cats’ ability to resort to flight mode, coexistence can be achieved — although it is always ‘game on’.

If you or someone you know is interested in Matty, please submit an adoption application at and we will contact you upon receipt.  Thank you.