Hailey – 2 yo, 28 lb Australian Shepherd Mix – Spayed Female - Pending Adoption

Hailey is an all around great dog. She plays with the little puppies – she plays with the big puppies – and she is fluent riding in cars and trucks (in Tennesee!) Hailey came to our BarkPlace with her puppies (who have already been adopted), after being rescued from a high volume Tennessee shelter. In her initial health exam, she tested positive for heart worm disease – she was treated, and has recently received a clean bill of health! Now she is ready for adoption! Hailey is a working breed dog and needs activities to keep her entertained and away from boredom — walks, hikes, kids, a ranch, agility classes, are all great activities to keep her mind stimulated. Cattle Dogs are very intelligent and very loyal dogs to boot!