We have not ceased, nor even slowed, our rescue efforts — and have, and will continue, to rescue and transport dogs to our guest house, nearly every two to three weeks. Our website is always up to date. If at any time there are no available dogs on our website, it is likely that they have all been adopted, and we are in between transports.

We are trying to make our process as efficient and fair as possible, to all of our applicants, while upholding our promises to our dogs – to only find them loving and forever families, that are able to provide them with the lives that each of them deserves.

Please note that we do not accept applications for dogs that are not posted on our website.

Thanks again, please stay safe – and as always, thank you for considering adoption!





COVID-19 and Dog Rescue: Making adoption practices safe

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Separation Anxiety and COVID-19

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Our Rescue Mission – Unleashed

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