Shultz's Events

It’s Never too Snowy for a Pet Parade!

There may be another big storm on the horizon, but it’s never too snowy for a Pet Parade! Shultz’s Guest House was featured on WBZ’s latest edition of The Pet Parade!  Three of SGH’s current guests (Monique, Dexter and Deanna) had the opportunity to show off their awesomeness in front of viewers… Read More

Winter’s got nothing on SGH, nor Our Guests!

  Neither snow nor rain [if only] nor heat [nor zero degree wind chills] nor gloom of night stays these volunteers from supporting the mission of Shultz’s Guest House…The shelter was blanketed with over 2 feet of snow last week!  2 FEET!!  Another foot is expected on Monday.  But have no… Read More

Think BIG. Dream BIGGER.

With the holiday season behind us and 2015 well underway, I can’t help but take a moment to pause and think about the amazing things that are happening here at SGH.  From August through the end of 2014, we were able to find forever homes for over 160 dogs.  I… Read More