Anne 8-10 mo 30-35 lb Mixed Breed SF - Pending Adoption

This is a sad story – and unfortunately not an uncommon one. Lucky for sweet Anne, her story will turn out much different then it has for some other dogs in her same situation. Katrina, one of our rescue angels, spotted a post of Anne on social media – she was starving, and cold, neglected – and chained. Katrina immediately contacted the poster, and rescued Anne. Anne is still timid and just learning that humans can be good, loving and trusting. We feel that in a little time, she will more openly embrace humans, and from there – she will find a life of which she never dreamed!

She is sweet, and despite her fears, is not reactive. She needs an owner or family that will understand her past, and work closely on teaching her the wonders of unconditional love — through much patience — it could be weeks, months or longer before she truly trusts.

She should also have another dog in the home – she likes dogs – but even moreso, benefits from seeing just what it is to BE a dog.

We also prefer no young children or grandchildren – as trusting adult humans is hard enough for her.