Bear is a 1yr, 52lb, NM, Mixed Breed

Meet Bear!

Bear is a 1yr, 52lb, NM, Mixed Breed that was found abandoned in a town in Tennessee. He plays, runs and wrestles like a bear – thus his name! He would likely to best with a buddy dog, or at least with a family that can provide him ample dog-socialization time.

Also much like a Bear, he loves the water and when it’s not freezing outside, you will find him laying in whatever pool of water that he can find— or his ‘quick fix’ — even when it’s twenty degrees outside —knocking over his water bowl and lying in it! We think he will probably be ‘over the moon’ once he meets ‘snow’ for the first time!

Bear is still a bit of a selfish thinker – thinking that all food should be his and thus he is not so good about sharing it. We attribute this to him being stray and desperate for a meal for awhile, but that in time, once he builds trust and certainly of things, and after some training, he will rid himself of any worries where food is concerned.