Buddy 3yr, Neutered Male, Terrier Mix

Buddy is a 3yr, terrier mix, who is part of the fifteen dogs that were rescued from a Tennessee hoarding situation where he and the others were left alone for three months after their owner passed away – nine of which came up to our guest house on the last transport. He is a sweet boy who has been through a lot – and sometimes just needs a little reminder that there are good people in the world, as it takes him a bit to trust each person with whom he meets. Presently, he has a scar on his neck from a wound which accompanied him when he was rescued — so bad that it required stitches and a drain — a solemn reminder of those who were not so good to him. We aren’t sure what caused the injury, we just know, and trust, that as it heals on the outside, he will heal on the inside too.