Erica 3mo 15lb F Mixed Breed

The Exceptional Eight!

These 3mo, 15lb, (5F; 3M) Mixed Breed Pups couldn’t be any sweeter if they tried to be sweeter! They were initially spotted by a woman who reported her sighting of “eight tiny, furry, adorable puppies scampering around in a mans yard.” Detail-oriented woman, huh?

Apparently, the man who’s property on which the pups were ‘scampering’ was not exactly known around the neighborhood for being very friendly, and thus, the woman (and everyone else) were a bit afraid to knock on his door to inquire about the pups.

Eventually one of the women got up the nerve to knock on the man’s door — “I have no idea where they came from and was about to take them out and dump them!”

Rumor be true — guess he wasn’t such a friendly man.

Needless to say, the (brave) woman immediately offered to collect the puppies from his yard (along with one of her friends), and take the puppies home with her — thankfully the mean old man, agreed.

Soon afterwards, the puppies made their way to Linda at Viola Valley Dogs, and ultimately to BarkPlace and then to onto our guest house.

They’ve only been with us for a few nights, but we have already heard the three chatting with one another from their beds — “Mean old man – we got it good — wish you could see us now — thanks for nothin’! And neighborhood ladies, you rock!”

Meet our Exceptional Eight — Emily, Emma, Ember, Eva, Erica Elam, Eric and Eddie.