Frost – 3-4yr, 68lb, Mixed Breed NM - Pending Adoption

We love this guy around here!!!

Frost was rescued after first being left at a rural Animal Control shelter, then adopted out from it, and then returned back into it. His initial adoption wasn’t a horrific experience left to scar him forever, thankfully — however, the family couldn’t afford what was needed to keep him safe, healthy and out in front of anything ‘preventable’! Thus, Frost wound up testing positive for heartworm disease and the family had no interest in treating it.

Nonetheless, Frost has since been treated – while under BarkPlace’s care – and has now tested ‘negative’ on his follow up test!

He is a happy, fun-loving boy — who enjoys nothing more than giving smooches! Who doesn’t need those??

He could use a little obedience training (truth be told) as that was lacking at home as well — but with a little help, a little love, and someone to smooch – he will be all set!