Ginger – 11mo, 70lb Lab/hound Mix, Spayed Female

Ginger is a gentle, affectionate one year old, 70 lb, spayed female, hound/lab mix. She arrived at our guest house, nearly 8 months ago, along with her six siblings, who have since been adopted. When she arrived, she was extremely timid of what the world had to offer her, and has taken some time to be ready for adoption. Despite the fears that accompanied her entrance into life, she remains by far one of the sweetest, most gentle-natured dogs that have ever come through our guest house door. Not a single one of our volunteers will dispute this fact.

About two months ago, Ginger went into foster with one of our volunteers, Brian, who has helped us in writing this bio, so that we do not omit anything about her, with which he has learned throughout her stay.

Update: 03/18/19

Ginger continues to do well, and her behavior continues to improve in her foster home. She is a sweet, loving, affectionate, and gentle dog and enjoys being close to the people and dogs in her family.

Ginger now willingly goes to her kennel when asked, and has no issues going for car rides.

Ginger has made some progress regarding her fear of strangers, but still shows signs of fear when new people come into her home. She has learned to settle down in the presence of new people if she has a trusted family member with her, and will allow newcomers including children to pet her under the right circumstances.

Ginger has made a lot of progress with her loose leash walking skills. Now that spring is in the air we will be working on this skill and outdoor recall much more intensively.

In the past two months, Ginger has not displayed any resource guarding behavior. She now feels comfortable enough in her home environment that this has not been an issue.

Ginger is great with other dogs of all sizes — and she has been great with other dogs since day one. The fact that she had six siblings may be a contributing factor to that. She loves to play and snuggle with the two younger, smaller female canine companions in her foster home. She is also tolerant, respectful and friendly towards the two older male dogs in the household.

Her favorite time to play is after her morning and afternoon meals, when out the doggy door she goes, to explore the yard, play with her companions — and of course, do her business! After she has had some time to run around and play outside, she loves to snuggle on the couch with both her human and canine companions. Human companions!! Something we have waited nearly eight months to see — it is so heartwarming…true rescue!

Ginger is reliably house trained when given regular access to the outdoors. Prior to learning to use the doggy door in her foster home, she had a few minor accidents in the home when her people didn’t recognize her signal to go out. With the help of her foster family and her canine foster companions, she quickly became a doggy door pro! But no worries, she knows how to go out the real door too!

Ginger is still learning to walk gently on a leash. She is a strong dog, and has a tendency pull hard when she is excited or afraid.

She needs an owner/handler who is comfortable working with large, strong dogs. Her foster parents make use of a special harness (Ruffwear Web Master designed specifically to be “escape proof”. It has always been feared that if she should pull out of her collar, that she would run, through fear — as her fear of unfamiliar humans does still exist to some extent which means she won’t likely come to just anyone who approaches her. She often still displays a fear of being captured, and will run if she senses that someone is stalking her. She is working on recall training with her foster family but is not reliable yet.

Ginger enjoys sharing her kennel with her two female companions, and prefers this to being kenneled separately. She is fairly good about kenneling herself when asked, and will lie quietly in her kennel until it is time to be released.

Outside of the kennel, she sleeps quietly on a dog bed in her foster parents’ bedroom, and waits patiently for her people to wake before she greets them.

Ginger displays some resource guarding – especially around mealtime. She prefers to eat alone, but will tolerate other respectful dogs in her vicinity when eating. Resource guarding with food is something that Ginger possessed when she first arrived here at our guest house. As a matter of fact, all of her other six siblings displayed this behavior as well. We attribute this to the size of their litter and the presumption that it was difficult to get a meal from mom, with so many others fighting for the very same thing at the very same time.

Ginger also displays some guarding behavior of her foster home, alerting when she sees people or other animals in the vicinity. She will bark occasionally, but not excessively.

Ginger and her siblings were born on a mountaintop in Tennessee. They roamed free there until they were rescued at 3 months of age. The mountain range was big, and we imagine that humans were few and far between, if even that. Thus, the fear of humans likely instilled within Ginger from day one. Why her siblings overcame those fears more quickly than she did, is unknown.

Ginger is nervous around children, and should only be considered in a home with adults. She is fearful with strangers, and new environments, but does warm up to new people and environments when given the time and space to acclimate on her own schedule. She would do best in a stable, quiet household, with owners who have prior experience with large dogs, and with at least one other gentle, playful dog, if not more.

Ginger, as we mentioned earlier in this post, is very near and dear to our hearts, and thus, while we want to her adopted into her own, forever home, we will be exceptionally particular about such home, based on her disposition, history and needs. If you are interested in meeting Ginger, please submit an application via our website.