Griffin is a 1yr, 50lb, NM, Husky Mix

Meet Griffin!

Griffin is a 1yr, 50lb, NM, Husky Mix who was picked up running at large, by an Animal Control Officer in a quiet town in Tennessee. Animal Control never received a call by anyone claiming Griffin, so after the legal Stray Animal Hold and then-some (one month to be exact), the ACO turned Griffin over to a county shelter, where he was then rescued by BarkPlace.

Griffin wasn’t with BarkPlace for very long; however, in the short time,
they learned that he loves car rides, walks well on a leash, seems to be housebroken and socialized – and is very well mannered.

Griffin can play pretty hard and has a lot of energy (as husky’s do) and will need a partner that can run and play just as hard as him!

Because of Griffins size, age and breed mix, we recommend a family that is familiar with huskies, and that is agreeable to basic obedience class, so to ensure that Griffin can become the best dog that he can be, with a mutual respect between him and his owner/family.