Janie 1-2yr 58lb Mixed Breed SF

Janie is a 1-2yr old, 58lb, Mixed Breed, SF, that was dumped, along with a bag of dog food, at a rural Tennessee church. A kind woman found Janie, poured some of the food into a bowl (how else was Janie going to eat it, person who dumped her?), and then the woman sat with Janie while she ate. The kind woman later stated that she was beside herself because she couldn’t take Janie – yet struggled terribly with the idea of leaving Janie there. Janie was also glued to the woman, only tugging on her heartstrings even more.

The woman was eventually directed to call Linda at Viola Valley Dogs, and just days later Janie made her way to BarkPlace, and eventually up here to our guest house.

If you want a dog that is the epitome of a love – then Janie is your girl! We assume that she was loved by someone prior to being dumped, as despite her size (58lbs) she will jump into your lap or jump up for a tall hug — every chance she gets! Perhaps this is why she was abandoned at a church – a safe and loving place — which is exactly what we plan to find for her now!