Private – 3mo, 10-12lb, Male, Mixed Breed

We all know the age-old saying to “treat others how you want to be treated”. This starts with showing respect. In the military and everyday normal civilian life, respect is about more than just how you treat a member of the military or individual; respect is not given — it is earned over time and through your actions. This group of 3 mo old, 10-12lb, mixed breeds are learning respect (some quicker than others ;), and they are learning that life will treat them well, even though it may have started out a little rough. These 9 are the babies of recently adopted Hannah, who was found with her puppies in a run-down, abandoned TN house. Hannah was a good mom, a good unit leader — and she tought them to be nothing but respectful little soldiers. Meet our Military Pups: Admiral, Blackhawk, Combat, Humvee, Jag, *Private, Sergeant, AWOL and 31 Kilo (which is the code for a K9 in the military).