Rachel and her siblings are 4 very lucky puppies. You see, their very pregnant mom was dumped in Mr. Ronnie’s front yard. Mr. Ronnie is an 81 years old gentleman who lives in rural TN. He did not call Animal Control or say he was going to harm her, or even ignore her, instead, he began feeding her and trying to gain her trust. He did just that and mamma ended up having her babies in a nice, safe, clean environment. Mr. Ronnie helped take care of Rachel and her siblings until they were weaned and old enough to head into foster. He fell in love with the mamma dog and is keeping her. We are so grateful for his kindness that we have paid to have the mamma dog spayed so she, nor Mr. Ronnie, will have to go through this again! Rachel and her siblings are just as sweet as they are cute and are ready to find their forever families. They are about 12 weeks old, will be around 50lbs when full grown and are up to date with their vaccinations.