Sage is a 4-5 year old, 10lb chihuahua mix who was rescued from a hoarding situation. At the time of rescue their were 9 puppies and we had no idea which puppy went with which mama. But as it turns out, there was no need for worry as Sage, Samantha and Skylar all worked together and raised the 9 puppies. Something really quiet magical to see! Sage is a sweet lady who has been spayed and is ready to find her forever home.
***UPDATE*** You may have seen that Sage was adopted and then escaped from her new owner only hours after getting home. She is a skittish girl and was on her own in the woods for 3 days. Her adopter did not feel that should could safely contain Sage so she has come back to us. Sage’s new family will need to be a patient family, where she will have time to adjust and come out of her shell. She is a sweet, sweet little lady but her life has not been easy so earning trust will have to slow and steady. She has a lot of love to give if you are patient with her. She is pee pad trained so has no need to go outside. She would do best in a quiet home, without kids or a lot of commotion, so she can just lay on the couch and be treated like a queen!