Stella – 1yr, Hound Mix, SF *Read bio - Pending Adoption

Stella is a 1 yr old spayed female, who was initially adopted from our guest house as a 3-month old puppy. Sadly, she was returned to us ten months later, this past January, after her family reported that she was too needy for them, and suffered from separation anxiety when left alone, if even for an hour.

Understanding her issues, a second family adopted Stella after a successful and promising meet n greet, just a month later, in February…but sadly, Stella’a needs were just “too much for them” as well – and she was just surrendered back to us today.

Stella enjoys the company of others very much. And her need to be around people so much undoubtedly stems from something that happened within her first home. She does not do well when left alone. During such time, she (reportedly) will cry, whine, and even bark.

She was just returned back to us, so we are re-adjusting her to our routine – which isn’t too unfamiliar to her. She clearly remembered us, and trusts us.

If you look at her photo, she looks quite sweet. Truth be told, she is as sweet as she appears to be. She loves to jump up (which surely needs some work) and give kisses to those she knows — sometimes even a love nip on the nose if she loves you that much!

Her recently family (who again had only had her since this past February) states that when she jumps up, it is a bit too much for their four year old son, and their elderly mother. Stella just needs someone to work with her on jumping. We think that she is merely jumping up so that she get that much closer to physical and direct closeness.

We will be introducing her to a select dog or two, in order to see how she interacts. She may/may not need another dog in the home —one school of thought is that another dog (if well matched) may give her the sense of security that she needs in order to feel ok when home without constant attention — or perhaps being in a home where she is primarily with a caretaker, may suffice.

We have often disclosed — most recently when addressing COVID-19 and post COVID-19 routines — that dogs who experience situations that lead to separation anxiety, often do not recover from it. Whether or not Stella will ever get past what has led to her neediness, is left to be seen.

It is important to remember that Stella – in just a year – has already had two families – essentially give up on her…so she certainly has reason to possess a bit of wonder and concern. She is still a young gal – with her whole life ahead of her – and for that we feel confident.

When you meet her, you will likely instantly fall in love with her — but…her sweet personality and her and pretty face, need not to be the determining factor. One more wrong home for her, resulting in a third surrender, may push her too far for recovery in trusting us humans.

We are looking for the right home – and the right home only. If that commences with a foster- to -adopt, we may explore that option. Our mission is to do right by her. She is truly one of our sweetest rescues and we adore her.