Tennessee Town Pup – Sparta – 3-4mo, Male, Lab Mix

This litter of half a dozen was surrendered by their owner. Momma dog was not spayed and regularly ‘frequented’ a little more than just the immediate neighborhood — thus why her pups have been named after several Tennessee towns! Different father, different town? Well, that’s something we will never know — we surely aren’t asking Momma THAT question! However, since these pups do resemble one another quite remarkably, we are leaning toward them being actual full-on siblings with likely the same parental unit! And since they are on the large side for young pups, will likely be big dogs once full grown. Meet our 3-4 mo, 20-25lb, Lab Mix Pups – Madison (F) Baxter(M), Martin(M), Jackson(M), Trenton(M) and Sparta (M)!