The Solar System Pup Mars – 3mo, 12-15lb, Husky Mix F

These nine pups were surrendered to BarkPlace by their owner. They have the same mother as a litter of pups that we had just a few months ago — Charlotte – you may recall the story – where we took some border collie mix pups from a TN family that refused to spay their dog because their “kids liked to see the puppies being born and then play with them for awhile.” And when our BarkPlace team went to pick up those pups, and learned that momma was already pregnant AGAIN, Merry advised the family that THIS group of pups would be the last group that we would take — and that the momma dog was to be spayed!

These nine pups that came from the recent (‘last’) litter were delivered to BarkPlace in the back of the family’s run down, filthy, pick up truck, on a near 100 degree day. The pups arrived unsecured, loose, in the back bed of the truck, with symptoms depicting discombobulation, heat exhaustion, and dehydration. The pups were surrounded by several large car or truck tires that were also ‘tossed’ into the back of the truck (the black rubber tires absorbing more heat from the sun into the truck’s bed!)

When removed from the pick up truck, by our BarkPlace team, the pups were shaking, wobbly and dazed. It took a few days of medical care, hydration and nutrition just to calm them down and relieve all of their symptoms. Once (thankfully) recovered, and dehydration and heat exhaustion was confirmed to be the cause of their concerning initial presentation, they became healthy, happy, steady-on-their-feet little pups. Whew! BarkPlace was sure worried upon first glimpse of them, that’s for sure!

These nine pups are just out of this world cute, puppy-like and sweet! They are also quite lucky to be out of the world from which they came. Thankfully they also live in a world, now, that is free from neglect and irresponsibility. Meet our Solar System: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto!