Yeti – 3mo, 15lb, Female, Husky/German Shepherd Mix

Aspen, Fang, Jet, Sky, Blaze, Yeti, Miska are 3mo old, 15lb, Husky/GSD mixes that are as sweet as they are striking! Rescued from a high volume TN shelter, they are energetic and smart little dare devils with a breed mix that can bring both creative artistry as well as technical craftsmanship! In other words, they possess a mix of personality traits that include playfulness as well as protectiveness and intelligence. Dad was a Husky mix and mom was a GSD mix (allegedly).

We appreciate applications only from those who are familiar with these breeds. They need to be both recognized for their characteristics and capabilities and be provided with ample exercise on a daily basis. We anticipate they will grow to be anywhere from 50-70lbs. Oh and one other thing — they will shed!!