Zinnia – 1yr, 10lb, Spayed Female, Terrier Mix

Zinnia is part of a group of fifteen dogs that were left alone for three months after their mom/owner passed away. The daughter visited the house regularly in order to feed the dogs. She wasn’t able to spend much time with them, so into the house to drop food and fill water bowls, was really all of the interaction they had with her. It is unsure how much care all of the dogs had with which to begin, as most were in need of grooms, some severely matted to the point where they had to be shaved down to the skin. Once in the hands of BarkPlace, they were groomed, checked for infections, vaccinated and spayed/neutered. Some are fearful of humans, some of men only, some of each other. With no knowledge of what life was like, in a house full of so many dogs and one human caretaker, we can only assume they were neglected medically and likely knew no one other than their lifetime owner. We are hopefulthat with some more love and affection, new coats of fur/hair, and knew trust in the world, that these dogs will soon forget any fear or sadness, and will welcome a happy, loving family into their lives. Zinnia does not trust males and thus she can only homes with females will be considered for a meet n greet.