Zodiak Pup – Scorpio – 4mo Male Pyrenees Mix

These little pups are the remaining 4 of the 8 pups who contracted Parvovirus down in Tennessee. Through all of their handling, especially Leo, they have all maintained their cuddly personalities, strong sense of human bonding – and trust. The pups were rescued, along with their momma, Shiloh, when they were just 5 days old — left in a cardboard box, outside the gate of a high volume county shelter. We named them, following sequence to Leo’s name — and adhered to the Zodiac — since each one is symbolic of his/her representative traits.

Please keep in mind that these pups are going to be large dogs — likely 80-120lbs and they will likely be good shedders!

Leo – (male) Generous, organized, protective and beautiful.
Aries — (female) Courageous, energetic, willful, commanding and leading.
Taurus – (male) Pleasure seeking, loves control, dependable and grounded.
Scorpio – (male) Passionate, exacting, loves extremes, and is reflective.