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An SGH First!

On August 11, 2015, Shultz’s Guest House (SGH) experienced a very first in the Rescue’s 6 year history; a litter of 7 puppies were born (in Kennel 7, ironically enough).  Daffy, a beautiful Lab X who had arrived pregnant to SGH just two weeks before (we knew of her impending litter prior to her arrival) gave birth to 7 perfect puppies; 4 girls and 3 boys.  

Some of you reading this might be wondering why this was such a monumental moment in SGH history.  Well, prior to Daffy giving birth, SGH had never sheltered a pregnant pup.  We have dogs come in by the dozens who are then quickly adopted.  We are proud of how hard we work to quickly match our rescued dogs with the perfect forever home, with the goal of limiting the time they have to spend in rescue.  However, with Daffy, we knew this would be different.  She would be with us until her puppies were weened and ready for adoption (we estimated at least 9 weeks after giving birth), a total of nearly 3 months.  We did everything we could to provide her a safe, secure and healthy place to birth and raise her puppies; a stunning birthing box was built, Kennel 7 was constantly updated to support the always growing puppies, volunteers were training on how to feed the puppies and clean the kennel without upsetting the new mom.  This was truly an experience unlike anything the SGH community has experience before.

Over the 9 weeks since Daffy gave birth, we have fallen in love with each of these 7 puppies, so much so that their names; Kaitlin, Ryan, Paulette, Sydnee, Jim, Denis and Nicholas, are taken from some of the most important people to us at SGH.  We have also fallen deeply for Daffy, who has been, without question, one of the most loving, doting mothers we have ever seen.  The puppies are now ready to tackle life on their own and are ready for adoption (please see our “Dogs Available” page) and we are excited that Daffy has also found a forever home of her own.  While we will miss all 8 of these dogs terribly, we know that they will be living a life of awesomeness with the perfect families and we will always have a special place in our hearts for Daffy and her 7 puppies!