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Winter’s got nothing on SGH, nor Our Guests!


Neither snow nor rain [if only] nor heat [nor zero degree wind chills] nor gloom of night stays these volunteers from supporting the mission of Shultz’s Guest House…The shelter was blanketed with over 2 feet of snow last week!  2 FEET!!  Another foot is expected on Monday.  But have no fear, thanks to the help of so many amazing people, we are “cleared out” and working our way through a great group of dogs that arrived to us via Shultz’s Shuttle on Thursday.  This is a group that undoubtedly loves the snow (take a look at some of their photos above and on the “Dogs Available” page), especially Charlotte, who was really peeved when, after an hour of barreling through snow heaps and digging tunnels, she was taken inside for some down time and thawing.

Winter is a tough season for dog shelters, especially here in Massachusetts.  It’s unpredictable and cold, daylight is short and snow/ice makes Shultz’s Shuttle trip planning rather challenging.  However, the rescue business down south doesn’t slow down, so we can’t either.  We adapt and continue the SGH mission 24/7/365.  Thanks to all who help keep us operational through the winter!  Stay tuned for more updates from the tundra and please be sure to share pictures of our available dogs with everyone you know!