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Liability Waiver and General Release

In consideration of the opportunity for Volunteer to work at Shultz’s Guest House of Dedham, Massachusetts (the “Shelter”), Volunteer agrees and consents as follows:

  • Volunteer shall assist the Shelter in the care of pets and miscellaneous tasks, for no compensation.
  • Animals can be unpredictable, and sometimes an animal may bite or scratch a person, or transfer a parasite.
  • Non-animal-inflicted injuries may also occur at the Shelter.

Knowing and accepting these risks, the undersigned hereby releases and agrees to hold harmless and indemnify the Shelter from any and all actions, claims, or causes of action arising out of or in connection with Volunteer’s presence and/or Volunteer’s assigned or unassigned activities at the Shelter, arising in any manner whatsoever, including personal injuries or property damage which may be suffered by Volunteer whether or not arising out of any negligence or breach of duty by or flowing from the Shelter, or its agents or its employees.

It is further agreed that there are no collateral or outside agreements of any kind between the parties.